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Truth and Lies

bring me veracity, tell me your truth

sway me with facts, undeniable proof

we’ve lost our faith in the old bbc

can’t trust the press or our local mp

fight for democracy, call it infallible

then cast the voters as stupid and gullible

find me a cure not a mask for the symptoms

pharmacy profits with each new prescription

casual corruption with every decision

checking the facts as an act of derision

biased reporting on every channel

pundits expounding the same tired old flannel

rewriting history who knows what’s true

the scandal of orgreave the shame peterloo

slaughter by proxy in surrogate wars

till poets open eyes and preachers close doors

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Keith Trayling
Keith Trayling
Aug 29, 2023

A pity Martin but every word speaks the truth and in a direct no nonsense way, like it


Very true right now.

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