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Transport of Delight?

Is life just a carousel -

A whirling, twirling roundabout -

An exciting, enticing, too-brash mirage.

In which one rides a bright wooden steed

But never is quite in charge?

Roundabouts loom so large in my dreams.

Contraptions of both pleasure and danger.

Engaging all senses and dazzling the brain,

Banishing the homespun, embracing the stranger.

Like halls of mirrors and tunnels of love -

Transmuting our everyday into

Multiple dimensions beyond time and space,

Oceans below and skies up above...

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Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
02 de jul. de 2023

Interesting and clearly written description of your fears and dreams in Parkie World. Let me clarify that a roundabout is a traffic circle nd no other cryptic meaning in a crossword puzzle

John Dallison
John Dallison
03 de jul. de 2023
Respondendo a

Hi, Alice! Many thanks for your comments... In'English' English, a fairground carousel is known as a roundabout, and a carousel is a metal revolving stand for cards and small objects...However, I have long known the R&H classic musical. -Wow!

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