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The train is speeding

really fast

not many stops to rest

not any shots to test

not much thinking or planning

need to hurry and start running

to hop on and hold the railing

to move on and ignore the failing

move on move on

the show must go on!

the train is leading to a land

of great success

enough money to spend

nice houses to rent

great goods to buy

airplanes to fly

to fly you over the moon

with all its shimmer and gloom

fly high fly high

time is passing by.

the train is always early never a minute late

so you can get there fast

as fast as it lasts

and when you finally get there

and you are still aware

of how you look to others

books better than their cover

cover up cover up

don’t mess it up?!

The train is is sold as our only option

but I feel like I can create a better dream

with more sights that can actually be seen

You know now why I am walking?

Because I like talking

and even more so thinking

while too much speed makes my brain shrinking.

Slow down slow down

I am losing my crown

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