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Torpedo Wahay

This very morning I took a bun Not a rounded, but a torpedo one And from that bun I made a sarnie The taste of which has drove me barmy For more

Slicing the bun from end to end Across the top, and not the side The middle I opened, and an egg I cracked Poured in its contents, with no special knack

Then I took three frikadellen Pork meatballs to you, forgive my spelling Halving each and placing over The egg inside, fitted with no bother

Then. Red Leicester layered on top Covering every single spot Of egg and meatballs hidden well But how was I to cook ? Pray tell

Quick and simple, time to save Two minutes in our microwave Let it cool, avoid using your hand Until it is ready to touch

Your torpedo is now fully armed Nobody has so far been harmed The only thing you need to do Is eat!

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