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To Those who Remember the ‘76 Boring Weather

When it all started it was February sun

Nobody expected it would stay

Yet we got into March, with barely a drop

It was bound to start snowing we’d say

Easter did come, flakeless still

But rain is a coming, just look to the hills

Black clouds loomed, and were starting to spread

Then blew off to Norway, gave them rain instead

The temperature was rising, steadily in May

So much that the tarmac was melting

Every kid wrote their name in the road

Surely it would soon begin pelting

May left still sunny, off into June

Kielder was low, hosepipe ban introduced

Then our expected downpour finally came

It lasted 10 minutes, of snow, yes the same

First time in a century, the Hoppings were dry

Everyone looking for rain in the sky

Cloudless continued, air pressure was high

Blistering heat all the way through July

August, September, October too

The Tyne had turned into a stream

Making thing worse was a rumour, malicious

They were now running out of ice cream, delicious

Then, late one night, after bonfires burned

The weather it change, the rain had returned

Continuously falling until mid December

Then turned to snow for the rest of the year

Our village cut off from the mad world outside

No schools were open, education had died

Still the snow fell, nowt better to do

But when you are a child ‘let's build an igloo’

My brother and I, went for a walk

Flat open snow was all we could see

When he disappeared down a bank then unknown

Up too his waist, laughing as he did go

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