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Time for What?

Inspiration? We have all done it! Read or sing this to the tune of The Israelites

When you wake up you are wanting your breakfast Not for me it’s my meds, look at the clock Oh no, the time isn't right Watching the clock, it’s just half past three Not just an hour, got wait for three Oh no, the time isn't right The hands on the clock, are not turning around Ticking and tocking are the only sounds Oh no, the time isn't right Try to go to sleep, I could do with some more Will probably wake up again around half past four Oh no, the time isn't right Waking up again, the sun’s shining bright Did I, or did I not take my meds in the night Oh no, the time wasn't right Look at the clock, it is quarter to ten Just don't believe I missed my tablets again! Oh no, my muscles are tight Take Ropinerol just before breakfast And then your day can start to begin You do know when it's time for your next ones, right? Next what? Oh no, the time isn't right

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