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Time Flies

Updated: Jan 17

Looking in the mirror my reflection shows the passage of time

Events of years gone by have taken their toll.

The marks and lines are like the chopped oak revealing its lines and age.

There is no control over time as we walk in unison towards the light

Its futile to try and catch it or claim it

It will be there on our journeys through the days ,months and years.

Like the band on the radio and its never ending beats

Pass through the minds and keep in time with the music

Still minutes add up to hours and hours spent together mean we can

see how the clocks of time have shown us what love really is.

In the end time can heal, can provide, can be generous,

So when it is, take advantage

Because none of us knows

when the sands of time will dry up.

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Love the section describing the lines describing your face as chopped oak.

Replying to

Thx Alison, was looking at chopped wood at the time! Need to work on the middle don't feel it blends.

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