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We’re not in this world to survive. We are in this world to live our life. We are not in this world to follow the rules. We are in this world to find out what rules. If the reason for anything is: “It is the law!” it’s not good enough for me to stand still in awe. We should stand up for what is right. We should have our reasons in every fight. The only reason that matters is love above all. Even if this means to give up control. I’m happy to pay for every crime that I do. As long as it is led by my heart and not by you. No matter if it’s a simple fee, a penalty or my wealth. I will give it away and raise my voice on behalf of the world‘s health. This world is sick, dirty and unfair. And I promise to my children I would do my best to repair. I don’t wanna let them live in a world of fear. I want to equip them with the right gear. If they want to climb mountains they cannot stand back. They have to get lose of the fear in their neck. So give me a break.I know what I do. And if you cannot stand this: I can’t be with you.

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