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There was a man

There was a man, he was a soldier

Fighting in, the foreign wars

To his mates, there was none bolder

One you’d rely, on till the end

Every shell, from every cannon

Blasted deeply in his ears

Behind a smile, his thoughts were hidden

No-one knew of all those fears

He came home, a natural hero

Always got the final word

But all the love, it fell to zero

From that time his life was cursed

First he started shaking,

Shell shocked fingers in his hand

Even though, his heart was breaking

A smile now hid, what he did not really understand

Now he takes pills every morning

That are meant to stop the shakes

But at three o clock each morning

He is lying wide awake

He has to move now very slowly

Or doesn't move at all

In his mind he is still the soldier

With a foe that will not fall

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