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there walks the child

There walks the child

that lives many a life

before their growing

is done;

looking no different,

skin not crows-feet

scored by burden,

nor brow furrowed

by trials that tender

age should not face;

little ones who bend

but not break under

the many storms they

do not know of, who

take the sharp blows

of this world, faces like

Porcelain still;

many deprivations

they take in silence,

and alone endure,

with no rage or

demand howled;

such nobility would

humble me to sad

but for the smile

I wear in the

presence of perfection;

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Wonderful , emotive and so very true. Our children could teach the world much about, equality, what it means to be brave and how to love unconditionally.


Unknown member
Feb 03

"innocents suffer when high lords play the game of thrones"


Well said; a truth I struggle to realise and allow to bring a measure of reassurance.... I remain haunted by the voice of the abused lad recorded saying "Nobody loves me" before he died:

"Lonesome news I’ve heard this year?

‘Abused boy, starved to death’ -

wails, ‘Nobody loves me’, faint,

recorded stepdad’s phone.

My dearest wish this moment?

His desolation world,

passing, he had been alone -

that lad had known not so."

Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Feb 01
Replying to

I remember an initiative to help the homeless, and I was to go and talk n listen. There was one lad who was14, and I asked abut his father, and he replied he didn't have one but he did have lots of 'Uncles' , but they never knew them as he had to always wait outside.

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