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The writing circle

Imagine a table, round or square

Matching chairs, or not, no-one cares

Surrounded by books elevated on shelves

Stocked with lofty tome in which others delve.

Four women enter, pensive and strained

The room has a glow now, while their notepads , they arrange

Introductions are done, names to forget

Eager to start their appetites to whet.

There's an abundance of thoughts to get out

As they glance around the circle, who first to shout?

Choose me a voice said, though not out so loud

Tentatively repeats herself, this time to the crowd.

Coming together with one desire, to write

No one knew, not one, other woman on site

But the kingship and recognition of a kindred spirit

Put the writing circle on a path,no longer to fear it.

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I hope this poem is true because it sounds like a very magical experience and if it's not I hope one day you can make it happen.

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Just joined a writing group in my village library. Relaxed but interesting.


Sounds like this was an actual experience you had Rose.I like the setting of a humble beginning and the expectation what's to come. Well done.

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Yes. I've just joined a writing group in my village. Fascinating the types of people that join and their reasons.

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