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The Wordle Hurdle

I have become addicted

And now find I'm committed.

Each day another hurdle,

As I play a game called Wordle.

So now where shall I start?

The first word I try is G.R.A.C.E.

Only the 'E' fits.

But not in the right place!

So I follow on with P.I.E.T.Y,

That is my second try.

Not too bad a choice.

I now have the 'E' and 'I'.

P.R.I.M.E the next word that I chose,

The 'R' and 'I' are set.

The 'E' is still not in its place,

This is not over yet.

Already three guesses have gone,

so B.R.I.N.E I place in haste.

I forgot to move the 'E'!

That turn was just a waste!

I'm now on move number five,

P.R.I.D.E has to be what's needed.

I forgot to move the 'E' again!

So, still I've not succeeded.

Last chance, I tentatively put F.R.I.E.D,

It's wrong! Defeat I must admit.

How stupid, how I nearly C.R.I.E.D

When I could not think of it!!

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