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The Water Fall

In corners of your consciousness,

The creases in your brain

Thoughts lie hidden

Come unbidden

At first a tiny trickle

But the trickle won’t abate

And soon they form a torrent

But by then it’s far too late..

Immobile at Iguazu

A horse behind a cart

Appearing for a second

Brusquely smashed apart

As seeming rocks of water

Plunge seemlessly down

Unhinged, unmoored, untethered

The cartwheels pound

Flash-cards falling

One by one

Lover, husband, soulmate


Punting Cherwell picnics

Thoughts sunshined

Daughters cherished

Son so ripped

Untimely rainbows

Sepia tipped

I need to comment

To explain

Concepts crouch within my brain


Which one, pick one

You go first

Machines roaring

Sounds have fled


Through my head

Engine’s faulty

Hear it stall

The waters wait

The Angel Falls

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Unknown member
Dec 07, 2023

That torrent of thoughts, the cascading waterfall, and the roaring machines juxtapositioned against Cherwell punting. There's so much to this poem


Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Dec 03, 2023

I really enjoyed listening to this at the Open Mic.I particularly like verse two and the image of flashcards falling down.


Stephen Kingsnorth
Stephen Kingsnorth
Nov 30, 2023

'Punting Cherwell picnics' takes me towards Grantchester !

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