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The Visit

We would arrive heavy eyed

tired from a journey that made me queasy

but nothing mattered when we turned into

the familiar narrow overgrown lane

it felt like time stopped as the car

bumpity bumped over little mounds

excitement tangible within the car

as we spied the white cottage with the red door

before any of us, could stumble out

the front door would open out

and there she would be my Granny

small with reddish hair

arms outstretched ready to embrace

her hands like her heart were warm soft and squidgy

she had a child like quality especially when she giggled

she would watch with love and affection

as I would make her a cup of tea that she said was perfection

she has been the only loving female I know

I wish I had known her more

so many stories I can recall

an important figure in my life for sure

she was always the same nothing but love no hate

the day we would leave her face would be full of tears

she would wave until she could see us no more

every time I missed her a little more.

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3 comentarios

Jes Derry
Jes Derry
07 may 2023

Thank you. Thought it was time to change the subject matter!

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
07 may 2023

You paint.a great nostalgic picture here

Me gusta

Darrell Troon
Darrell Troon
05 may 2023

Every time I missed her a little bit more , the last line sums it up for me. Well done

Me gusta
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