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The Second Lockdown

Updated: Mar 18

In my small town of Chard, it wasn't hard

To stand and chatter, ask,"What's the matter?"

Now people ask-They wear a mask

Don't come near, let's make that clear

What I say this very day,I dismay about the way

This virus has arrived and changed our lives

Cannot roam, must stay in our home

At first a womb and then a tomb

You feel safe, your company is Zoom

Now the way to communicate with a mate

Or friend, you want to lend

A helping hand, When will it end?

Try to be upbeat, not feel the heat

Admit defeat no you'll stay beneath my feet

Lose this hard fought seat friends and family again will meet

Hear this voice, we'll have the choice

To hug, to see, to laugh, to be again with family

Soon will come the time, the sun will shine

Touch a stranger they won't mind and then you'll find

Sunny weather, all together

No more rain or pain, won't go insane

The challenge met, new journey, take first step

And together smile and walk that first mile

Now three years on, that camaraderie has gone

All for one and one for all? How soon we fall

Back to our old suspicious way as each day

Scams and schemes and so it seems

Now forgotten this road we've trodden

a returning enemy, age old adversary

It's us.

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Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard
13. maalisk.

Great pace and rhyme in this and a solid message too

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