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The Saga of ’23 - Geordie’s Tale

In February 2023 a resurgent Newcastle United reached the

Caraboa Cup Final, Silverware gleamed, enticing the Magpies


Tell me Ma, me Ma

I won't be home for tea

We’re going to Wembley

Tell me Ma, me Ma

Wa ganna knock Man U oot the Cup!

Wa ganna knock Man U oot the Cup!

The Toon will get excited

When we beat Man United

Wa ganna knock Man U oot the Cup!

What scarf are you wearing, Stevie Bruce?

What scarf are you wearing, Stevie Bruce?

It will not be black and white

Cos you talk a load of shite

What scarf are you wearing, Stevie Bruce?

Westwood was a pirate

Westwood was a pirate

But now he’s gone

But now he’s gone

Are you watching?

Are you watching?

Are you watching Ashley?

Are you watching Ashley?

Heading Southwards marched Toon Army

Over 100,000 Geordies strong

Hitting London like a Tsunami

Everyone on best behaviour

Proudest Geordies, everyone

Those who made it into Wembley

Flags of Black and White did fly

Turning stands of the National Stadium

Into Tyneside, bringing tears to the eye

For 90 minutes the lads kept going

Red Devil's cheating at every chance

Still those flags were flying wildly

The 2-0 score was a bit unkindly

The Geordie voices still singing high

To hear the media, in reporting

The Final tale vastly distorting

Of how the Mighty Reds had won

Bossing the game against the Tyneside Sons

Be aware this is just a hiccup

The Magpie Revival has just begun

For five whole weeks the sky was dark

Despite the wins at St James’ Park

A shadow bigger than Stonehenge

Against the Mancs we needed revenge

History repeats, it had happened before

In the Charity Shield, they had lost by four

But when the Mancs came to the Tyne

We knocked in five

Albert was so fine

April 2 2023, 4:30 was the time

When Wembley’s flags began to fly

Blaydon Races blasted proud

Baying for blood, a hostile crowd

For 95 minutes, to a man

Each played their part in demolition

Of the much overrated Mancs

Their defence ground down by the Geordie ranks

Attack! Attack! Playing football true

The first half Willocks, should have had two

Half-time Redknapp, did openly say

Newcastle were spent, it was Manchester’s day

But Jamie had not read the script

The Toon side it was well equipped

With 65 minutes on the clock

Saint-Maximan the ball did cross

Knocked back by Isaak at the back post bold

This time Willocks did score his goal!

Then came Wilson, much discussed

To lead the line with a different thrust

The panicking Mancs all failed to see

His goal that was a header free

It was more than well deserved

After the match the Toon kept their calm

Praising the crowd, who’s flags did stay

Depression hit the woeful Mancs

Who could not even admit to all

That Newcastle deserved to win it all

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