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The Rus

On the edge of the forest

In sight of the sea

The villages lay

All kin, all family

Peaceful and kind

Generous to all

Only into trees

Their axes did fall

Everyone used,

the boats that they had

When the fishing was good

Or the forest when bad

Peaceful and kind

Generous to all

Only into trees

Their axes did fall

The Fates looked upon them

Their tranquil ideal. They villages needed direction

The Fates web they did spin

And what a wonderful web they did spin

Move forward a century

Web spinning takes time

Viking raids came often

To the small Village line

Rurik the Redhead, to the coast he did sail

Landing to plunder, his attack could not fail

But others had been there just days before

The village had riches no more

The from the forest, an Elder appeared

‘I am a Galdr, and the Gods brought you to these doors

Odin himself, has said through my Runes

Your fate is to prosper, these villages are yours

He looked at his men, on each face was a smile

They knew what their Master would do

He would fight to the death, the strongest of men

But to upset the Aesir, he just would not do

What is this place, it must have a name?

That village is over there, they call us the same

So what name is this village, come let me hear

Yes, you are right Sir, this village is here

No longer will those names are to be used

Novgorod is now your name

And it it Ruled by Rurik the Rus

In return my protection you gain

Rurik protected, his land grew in size

His adventures were planned

In the Fates watchful eyes

Though like all mortals he eventually dies

His sons carried on expanding the land

Creating a Princedom for the Grandson of The Rus

Vladimir inherited a land of his own

His city of Kiev, was a sight for all eyes

The East Roman Empire, still held its wealth

Vladimir decided to take it by stealth

His spies he would send, in the form of bodyguards

To protect Constantine, and the young Emperor’s crown

Constantine observed his protectors, over time

Varangian raiders, Vikings to you

And noticed the Hammers of Thor were entwined

Around the neck of each raider, so true

Tell me about your Hammer shaped adorn

It symbolises Thor, the Mariners Guard

Is it him that you go to? When you no longer live

No, that is Hela, she watches the dead

On such conversations mans tale has to change

To his craftsmen he called to their boss

Make me a Hammer, just like my guards

Then turn it around to the shape if a cross

Calling his priests, to them he did tell

Every sinner, now goes straight to Hell

To Vladimir he sister he wedded, provided

To Kiev Christianity came

This chore Vladimir for his bride he provided

Vladimir the Great he became

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