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The Right Foot and The Brain

The right foot and the brain - argue constantly, the brain is a control freak and right foot wishes to be free - to choose where it wants to travel and what it wants to do, so it grumbles its objections when it’s forced into a shoe.

Sometimes right foot behaves so badly brain feels like it’s estranged. Right foot wants separation brain says – that it will try to change but right foot wants to walk with a body unencumbered and brain knows right foot is foolish, if it thinks those days aren’t numbered.

So brains attempts to mediate with chemical enhancers, coaxing right foot to come along, with hops and skip and dances But right foot has made its mind up, it no longer wants to play the game and the brain is getting tired due to lack of dopamine.

Right foot says it wants ‘divorce’ if there’s nothing to be done. Brain says, ‘if you let that happen, then Parkinson’s has won. ’Right Foot pauses - stops to think - perhaps the brain is right? They once had something good, so surely that is worth a fight.

Brain says it will try anything that's possible -to make it work. If only right foot will agree to try to not be such a jerk. Exercise and drugs, deep brain stimulation, there must be something out there to help with their frustration. But first they both concurred that the only way they will succeed, is not to give up 'hope', on that at least they have agreed.

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