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The Plot?

Excuse me, Mr Prime Minister

May I have a word?

I am sure you will think I am silly

And what I say absurd

Of course my lad

Speak up I say!

I'm very important

Haven't got all day

What can I do for you?

It's about the latest polls we see

They associate you with the regular parties

And if I may be bold

They are starting, to spin, just out of control


But Sir, not all is lost

It can be corrected, you would be the Boss

All you have to do…

Is get yourself the sack

Hold on, get the sack

Why would I be agreeable to that

To avoid all of the fuss

You need a scapegoat?

How about Truss

What? The woman who always

Repeats herself,,,,f

Repeats herself,,,,f

Repeats herself,,,,f

She couldn't organise

A piss up in a brewery

How does that help yours truly?

You have a months holiday

Where you can't be seen

Stay away from Peppa Pig

Say, try the Caribbean

They will bring another

Sunak is the man

He won’t be able to help himself

He hasn’t got a plan

It should not take too long

Before they start to plea

For you to return

In the nick of time

Like the 7th Cavalry

All will be forgotten

Your slate it will be clean

Because you will be the saviour

Your greatness guaranteed

So what about the damage

To our economy?

Simply say you were out of the power

Nowt to do with thee

Marvellous! Get this child some milk

And some of them cheesy things

Enough that we can share ....

In fact get him a pint!

What? Two years old...mmm

Bring it anyway, I will drink it for him

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Dec 19, 2023

Love a bit of political commentary - especially if it's at the expense of Boris!


Unknown member
Dec 13, 2023

A political nonsense poem? Why not!. There's plenty of it about on all sides

Unknown member
Dec 14, 2023
Replying to

As if Cameron's return wasn't bonkers enough

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