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The Parky Charter

Updated: Apr 4

Our good friends the Movers and Shakers backed by Parkinson's UK, Cure Parkinson's and Spotlight YOPD are asking the UK government to take action on five things that people with Parkinson’s need but are not getting. They are gathering signatures on a petition to present to number 10. Enough signatures would lead to a debate in Parliament. Here is my ballad of support.

Come people with Parkinson’s, families and friends, and others who know this disease,

There are issues the government need to amend and we’re not going down on our knees.


We’re moving together and shaking the door for these few simple rights that we’re after.

United our voices won’t whisper, we’ll roar, as we call for a Parkinson’s charter.


We should see a consultant within 18 weeks and then once a year at a minimum

Not a system that’s slower than we are and creaks with the pain of red tape and officialdom  


We should get information about the condition and where we can find all resources

From our first diagnosis not left in perdition, to google the dodgiest sources


Where’s our personal package of holistic care from a team who have multiple disciplines

It’s a waste of resources and rather unfair just to treat individual symptoms


And a passport to give us prescriptions for free as this thing that we have is incurable

Stop us jumping through hoops for the help that we need and having to prove that it’s durable


A decent investment in the search for a cure, is not much to expect from the treasury

Not a drop in the ocean that wouldn’t procure them a new fighter jet plane accessory


So, sign our petition as progress requires not silence but raising the rafters

You can make a real difference to so many lives by backing the new Parky Charter

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Excellent on all fronts.

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