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The old people (part two)

People in their mid years,

Their grandparents had long since passed.

Do not know this generation of beige soldiers

In their eyes they are placed in sub -categories

There are the Victor Meldrews’ , the grumpy ones

Some wander off in dreamlike places

Some minds definitely in far off spaces

The stumbelies , who insist on trying to cross the road.

Drivers wincing , please don’t try to run,

I am late for work as it is….

No patience awarded for tired old legs .

We were told to respect for their wisdom,

Their leg pulling , and colourful tales,

Their army days, and blowing the trombone in the marching band.

The ladies sat with their cups of tea,

Nets twitching, With talk of ‘her at number 11’.

Of the little sod who pinched the milk of the step.

We were told to go and see them,

we will when we have the time, got so much to do

And suddenly their gone,

taking the colourful tales and funny ways with them.

Until some one says..

‘do you remember when ?’ and they are with you again.

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Jan 26, 2023

I read this several times Debbie, it is a very moving poem. Thank you ,

Debbie Dalton
Debbie Dalton
Jan 26, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Alison, your feed back is really welcome

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