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The lost Piece

I sometimes think I've had a lobotomy

Because what you see can't be all of me

Where's the colour, where's the shade

I'm definitely not the same person they made.

I used to be this person now I'm another

For good or for bad, I'm still your mother

But do I match up to one who loved you

From conception to now and still do.?

But there's just something missing I feel at times

Like listening to talk and chatter Its a steep climb

From trying to concentrate on the conversation

I may as well be scaling the side of Grand Central Station

But I so want to be present and be in the moment

I'll try everything to look for that missing component

If it turns up and you find it please let me know

So I can complete this journey with love to bestow.

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Beautiful words, I have 4 lovely daughters, I am a very positive person but sometimes I feel like I am merging into the wallpaper, humour is my way out


Unknown member
Feb 09

The title added even more to this moving poem. A lost piece like an incomplete jigsaw or even the loss of peace. I definitely recognise the feeling


I can sympathise how you feel like a stranger in your own body, on the outside looking in. Trying to focus on what you can still do rather than what you can’t might help but it is easy to lose sight of that. Take care.

Replying to

Oh no, I didn't take it like that. It's great to have comments and feedback.


Thank you Alison. It's a parent thing I think. So many abstract thoughts in my head. It's cluttered so need to make space for VIPs. Kids.


Oh my Rose, this made me cry. You have summed so perfectly how I feel, that feeling of absence whilst being present, the worry of how it is affecting those you love. Sometimes I feel like I am disappearing in front of them. A sadly wonderful poem.

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