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The Invisible Army

Updated: Feb 12

In the night they arrive with their tabards and vacuums

faceless stewards of our environment

heroes of hygiene, recycling and cleanliness

In the daylight they also serve who labour

unnoticed in washrooms, tea points and corridors

three jobs a day at the minimum wage

Front of house they stand, the face of the business

guardians of reception, image and access

securing assets within, keeping the terror out

in darkness they patrol, observant and alert

a uniform, a licence, protectors of the night

solitary defenders, essential but unseen

In service space and plant rooms they work concealed

elemental controllers of water, power and air

maintaining assets in value and condition

remotely, in ceiling voids, or high upon the roof

handy with tools, repairs and utilities

in a time of technology, our world in their hands

They arrive with the dawn and fresh new ingredients

sustenance and fuel for the troops yet to arrive

breakfasts, lunches, snacks and hospitality

in kitchens, cafes and restaurants, carefully prepared

cutting down the food miles, managing the calories

clearing up the leftovers, washing up the pots

Every day they keep our businesses functioning

gardening, portering, stationery and mail

a thousand small tasks that no one ever notices

in spite of the impact their actions assure

essential workers with no recognition

no thank you, no dividend, no bonus, no praise

The invisible army of facilities workers

without them dystopia, darkness, despair

society’s infrastructure held in their hands

toiling like Sisyphus to increasing demands

silently delivering, neglected, ignored

And never deemed worthy of adequate reward

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Jan 03, 2023

A fitting tribute to those anonymous people which keep the world ticking

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