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The Grumblebug

The Grumblebug

Creature has taken up residence

It’s in your house and at your expense

Although it slithers just like a slug

It is the grumpy black Grumblebug

The grumblebug it mutters and moans

With its misery will set the tone

Zaps your energy and saps your will

Charges for services, gives you the bill

Invade your thoughts and enters your mind

Low mood implanted, its tendrils bind

Comfort spending, it divests your wealth

Adds its burden to your mental health

Twisted presence that you cannot unwind

Causes amnesia forget to be kind

Depression and anxiety causes doubt

Self respect lost, you will live without

Then one day you see your reflection

Grumblebug stares in your direction

Just by instinct you give it a smile

It fades a bit only for a while

You have seen now and you recognise

The Grumblebug it has your own eyes

It is your fears that were brought to life

Allied with worries added to strife

Learning to let go and to forgive

Life is for life and life is to live

Love yourself, embrace the Grumblebug

Surround your self with the biggest hug

As love grows the black Grumblebug shrinks

Clearing your head then allows you to think

Remember your worth and your value

Happiness returns and hope renews

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Mar 08, 2023

Very clever and very true, Grumblebugs take up residence in our house now and then too.


Unknown member
Mar 03, 2023

This is fun

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