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The Golden Land

Of Viking blood, the raiders came

From Rurik’s land, empire to build

Giving a choice to all they met

Join us, or fight and be killed

Led by Sviatpolik, Rurik’s own

They fought their way through forests tall

Finally reaching the River Don

Built fresh ships and sailed right on

Sviatpolik, he was no fool

His Galdr, though blind

Could read the Runes

By fingertip he was in tune

With Odin and the Aesir Gods

One night his Galdr called out

The Gods say that the Runes are ready

Listen to what they say this night

Their knowledge will serve you steady

Delving into the runic sack,

With one grasp he selected nine

On the ground he let them fall

Prepared for all he had to know

Eight proud Runes lay upside down

Symbol hidden from the Galdr’s touch

Only Atholl showed its truth

The time had come to build a town

To this day the town remains

Monument to the men before

Made a Princedom for Sviatpolik’s son

Vladimir did make Kiev, a Kingdom strong

Kiev changed hands so many times

A borderland does not get peace

Poles, then Swedes, Lithuanian Lords

Likewise Germans, French and all

Russian eyes did return,

Cossack and bread to gain

But an natural brotherhood formed

By those who lived in the Ukraine

Stalin starved them, millions gone

Yet their spirit carried on

Finally escaping the Russian joke

A nation formed hat was no joke

A borderland does not get peace

Former Soviet leader charged

Them all to be traitors, to his cause

Wanting Genocide not peace

Protesting world can be ignored

There is one final Runic throw

Urging every nation to go

And give aid to the Ukrainian Alamo

Ansus Lagus Uraz Tyr Wunjo Ukraine Ansus Lagus Uraz

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