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The Geordie Havamal (Pt 2)

Continued - Verses 6 to 11 with English translation

If ya oot and aboot And divvent kna any bugger Watch ya back and keep ya gob shut That way ya canna upset anyone Make sure you talk friendly to the top dog He controls the other buggers Even then, you need to have a bit of luck There is usually at least one fool If ya been owa the fens Get yasell in front of the fire Get dry and wam And divvent forget to eat And giv yasell a wash It'll help wam ya up Be civil like, to the staff They'll luk afta ya The fartha ya gan The more careful ya need to be So if ya an idiot, divvent gan Cos they'll kna as soon as ya opinion ya gob Ye’ll be the laughing stock English Translation The man who stands at a strange threshold, Should be cautious before he cross it, Glance this way and that: Who knows beforehand what foes may sit Awaiting him in the hall? Greetings to the host, The guest has arrived, In which seat shall he sit? Rash is he who at unknown doors Relies on his good luck , Fire is needed by the newcomer Whose knees are frozen numb; Meat and clean linen a man needs Who has fared across the fells, Water, too, that he may wash before eating, Handcloths and a hearty welcome, Courteous words, then courteous silence That he may tell his tale, Who travels widely needs his wits about him, The stupid should stay at home: The ignorant man is often laughed at When he sits at meat with the sage

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