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The Final Layer

“I think about death and dying a lot and I find it hard to not know when it’s going to happen. but i kind of like to think that death is not the tragic end of a story but the highest point of a star rising…”

Do you know what I found out while I slept?

I found out that inside of me there’s another me

and inside of that one is another one

what that means?

there is no end in being!

whenever you take one facade off there will be another and another and another

it is not about the body we live in

it’s not about the personality that we have developed in our life

so many things did happen in life

so much change we needed to accept

so much pain we had to go through

but there’s also joy that we experienced

there’s happy times

there’s healthy times

but still skin grows short and falls off when you grow

again and again

another layer of skin will appear

the older you get, the more often it will happen

every time it does, you think: I have I really liked my skin I would’ve like to keep it

but then you can’t

you have to let go and find out what the next layer has to offer

and I ask myself: is there a final and last layer?

what will it show?

will it make visible everything ?

like the purest me inside of me?

what will happen when it does?

will I be dead?

or is it maybe the final moment to really shine

and show the world how beautiful I am?

maybe life is my gift that i have to carefully unwrap

and when I finally did it is time to enjoy!

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