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The Cornish Incident of a Play on a Thursday night

Playhouse restored, raised its curtain

Revealing the Neuro -diverse fare

National Theatre Haddon novel

Made its Mark, cast as a play

Captioned with sign a silent voice

Translated for the hard of hearing

Confusion of central character

Nuanced story of the dog detective

Who, discovered the truth within falsehoods?

Travelling in life’s confusion

Trained amongst the masses

For his mother’s resurrection

Shan's head bobbed from side to side

Dancing in response to see around

The big head of views impediment

Seated in front could not dampen the mood

Swimming in the cocktail that stemmed

Distraction with a mere sip through the lips


Oppressive sound track lights panic

Overwhelmed by the world

Examined but overcome

The equation of success

Solution performed with gusto

Withheld until final curtain

From the stalls, she saw everything,

A new theatre, a new beginning

For years since quiet was imposed

Four years before cochlear encore

Applauded when granted an audience

Smile shared in a moment of satisfaction

My daughter, my pride, my joy

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