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The Commute by MS from East Sussex

I heard my alarm ,

At 4.24,

Set it to snooze,

Got six minutes more.

Its a rush to be ready,

Each morning’s the same,

I work at Head office ,

And I must catch my train.

I’m out of the house,

No later than five,

Get to finish my coffee,

I have a ten minute drive.

I pull into the station,

And park in my space,

Head for the platform,

I’ve no time to waste.

I put in my ticket,

It opens the gate,

I go to the place,

Where I always wait.

I stand next to a gap,

Where a slab used to be,

And watch my train stop,

With doors ready for me.

I press the door button ,

Go straight to my seat.

I’ve emails to do.

And deadlines to meet.

I hear the announcement

To expect a delay,

It’s so annoying,

Early meeting today.

We’ve been asked to slow down,

For a minute or two

We’re approaching a station ,

We can only pass through.

I’m starting to wonder,

If we’ve caught up the time,

I’ll know very soon,

By the bump on the line.

I’m at the point of my journey,

Where the signal goes down,

I enjoy the brief moment,

There is quiet, no sound.

I now get myself ready,

Two stations away,

There’s fewer people,

That stand in my way.

As we pull into London,

I’m stood by the door,

Finger on button.

Just three minutes more.

The tubes are all busy,

At this sort of time,

I’m in the queue,

For the Jubilee line.

I’m last to get on,

I’m wedged by the door.

It’s only two stops,

And four minutes more.

As I walk out the Station,

It looks like it may pour,

I’ve a pocket umbrella,

I may need it ,not sure.

I walk into the office,

On time and still dry,

I sit at my desk,

And let out a sigh.

The last sip of my coffee,

Means the start of my day,

I’ll make sure it’s worth it,

I’ve come all this way.

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