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The Clock Strikes Twelve

The clock strikes twelve this winters night

From a heavy sky down pours the rain

Shoulders hunched and coat pulled tight

My optimism now starts to wain

Thoughts in my head I now debate

Why did I leave my safe abode?

Have I left it far too late

Am I alone on this hostile road?

Lightning strikes, fleeting shadows cast

I'm a grown man, I'm not a child

I tell myself I must hold fast

My imagination running wild

But only once do I look behind

Peer into the dark as I turn my head

There's nothing there that I can find

Does evil close behind me tread?

Superstition, but if so why

Do I start to quicken up my pace

My heart rate quickens, my mouth runs dry

What monster might I have to face?

A rancid odour fills the air

Faster and faster I start to run

This creature, tonight, has left it's lair

Is this the end, am I undone?

Can see no rescue from my plight

What ghastly beast could evil mutate

And stalk it's victims in the night?

Am I to face a grizzly fate?

I feel it's grip it's icy cold

A slime upon my skin

I struggle but cannot break it's hold

I am lost, this beast will win

My life is over, I'm approaching death

I have one desperate choice

I take my last, my deepest breath

And at the very top of my voice

I scream my very loudest scream

And wake up in bed in a cold sweat

What a relief it was just a dream

And one I hope I'll soon forget

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Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Nov 01, 2023

A Grand-piece Keith! Gallops along due the simple rhyme scheme (always good, always effective)

and great word choice.,.


Oct 30, 2023

Perfectly captures the spirit of the season


Darrell Troon
Darrell Troon
Oct 30, 2023

Getting into the spirit of it, i like it


Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Oct 29, 2023

Spookily spectacular😱


Scary. I could visualizer every step home.

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