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The Brigade

Fear! Fear! Arise the Fascists

Backed Italians, Germans too

All volunteers, of course, but one moment

All the equipment is brand new

Brave! Brave! Resist The Republic

Fighting hard for the good of man

Outgunned and outnumbered

Yet still they stand

Other nations just ignore this

Better a Fascist than Republican scum

Then blockadethe Spanish shoreline

As word ewaches, the Soviets come

Out of nowhere others are coming

Going against their governments

The brave Republic, all inspired

Those to do there, without repent

Sixty thousand followed the eardrum

Fifteen thousand never returned

Every death did cost a hero

League of Nations, incompetently turns

Madrid, Jaramare, Guadalajara too

Brunette, Belchjte and Terkel casualties new

Aragon and the Ebro, gave them the right

To say they fought with all their might

Les Marseille, , Internationale,

Red flags flying across the war

The International Brigades kept trying

To protect the Republic from the Fascist force

Eighty years have now passed us

European peace, a worthy prize

To all except a Russian Fascist

Who sees Ukraine with jealous eyes

Fear! Fear! Arise the Fascists

Come and aid the Ukrainian sons

Fear! Fear! Arise the Fascists

International Brigades, there is work to be done!

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