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The Bluecaps Man

Hey Cat, where you Goin man?

Man, i’m going down to Bop Street

Tell me Cat, where's that direction?

Ain't you heard? They've got one in every town , real cool

Riding on a T-Bird, Racing with the Devil unseen

Junction fast approaching,, it Alright , the lights green

Smash, bang walloped by a car where it shouldn't have been

Not a soul down on the corner…

Faster than his T-Bird,to the Navy Hospital, they flew

And the Doctors took one look and knew what to do

We hate to tell you so, but the leg it has to go

Too much damage, from the crash, , can we save it?

Well the answer that we give is sadly No

Doc, my leg it stays!so put your knife away

Really.? But there's so much pain you will endure

Yeah, but once it's gone, it's gone!

Then what happens if they find a cure

Reading Lil Lula, as in his bed he lay

Grabbing his guitar, a little tune he began to play

Finally on crutches, he hobbled to a radio show

Who gave the polite, and quiet young man his chance

Ok son, we are ready let's go

Well! be-bop-a-Lula, she's my baby…

He began his song

Dollar signs lit up the radio

He could have a regular show

Hey tell me, what's your name again son?

Just one song had been enough to change

His life, completely rearranged

From that point in life he was on tour

His pain hidden by an alcohol based cure

History tells us of all that he done

An angelic voice, or the Devils, as one

Losing his best friend, Mr Summertime Blues

He would not live to see 1972

Yet, this is not the end of his tale

His music is still playing, cd’s still on sale

The Late,Great Gene Vincent, voice strong and true

Last words from your album

The Day, the World turned Blue

Now I've met my maker

Just left the Undertaker

The penalty you see

The one that loves you

Her face you will never see

Cmon man, lets got going

Yeah let's go on down to Bop Street

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