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The Blame Game

You’ve been diagnosed with illness, that you know won’t go away,

your head has been to hell and back, now someone has to pay.


You want to vent your anger, and cry out loud ‘why me’?

point an accusing finger, but can’t decide who that should be?


The parents who conceived you and their hereditary?

intensive farms, using pesticides within our dietary?


Myself, for not taking my health more seriously?

the Gods for not looking on me more favourably?


We are where we are, and that’s reality,

we still can’t blame anyone for the curse of this PD.

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Nice work!👍👍. I find it helps me to refer to my P.D. as Cecil. ( after Cecil Parkinson ) then I have someone to fight against .It takes away that feeling of helplessness and gives me back some sense of control.


I’m not a why me person but I am a ’how?’ That’s the question I ask most .,


Unknown member
Jan 27

I wonder if having someone or something to blame would make it any easier? I'm not sure

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