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The battle of Tippermuir: Montrose Part 2

From Ireland heads beneath his name Fighting Irish, everyone bred To make the Campbell's blood flow red

Lord Elcho marched 9000 men, Eager to end the Royal cause Montrose’s 3000 should now run and hide Live to fight another day

But as Elcho’s advance at Tippermuir. Montrose countered and endured And organised his men

How many bullets do you have? One each his men replied Well they have plenty, Gentlemen, So to the first for that you meet With your gun his brains you will beat And you will have plenty too Montrose, Montrose

Arrogantly Elcho came A famous victory already claimed Against the rabble that he could see While the Royalist Army, allowed them on Montrose, Montrose

Gentlemen, your time has come Declared Montrose, decision made Show them your lead, Fire I say Then charge, he said His Army did approve Montrose, Montrose

Three thousand muskets, silence broke Charging Scots and Irish came Hurtling down the Tippermuir Winning battle glory fame Elcho running to his hame 3000 left for dead Montrose, Montrose

The sight of the government Army running As fast as it could with fear inside its head Fife was safe for now, and more Clansmen could be seem It was time to crush more Campbell lackeys Heading North to Aberdeen

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