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Texicans are Mexicans

Texicans are Mexican

Santa Anna he did say

Texicans are Mexican

There is no other way

Texicans are Mexican

From the America.s sway

Texicans are Mexican

That not the way we are

Texicans are Mexican

No, we follow the Northern star

Texicans are Mexican

We will meet , let's go

We Are Texicans not Mexicans

We meet at Alamo

For 13 days, two hundred stood

Six thousand guns aimed at their heads

The bravest of the vbrace still stood

Until they lay in their own blood

We remember the Alamo

From Scottish Highland, his life there spent

Young Jamie, did travel across the Tweed

To see his King, of all the Scots

But Charles he did not care a jot

And sent the lad away

Unperturbed, our lad did not return

Back to Scotland fair

Across the sea, our lad did drink the foreign air

In European wars he sold his sword

Learnt how to make a stand

From veteran Scots he earned his spurs

The war broke out, in his Kings own land

On to Oxford, where Charles held court

He hurried back, for he must be sought

But Charles’s head still chose him nought

Despite the battles already fought

The lad was just a child

By now all Scotland was almost spent

Much to the Campbell's glee

The King needed a Scot to travel

Though a madman he must be

Forward stepped our hero, resolute and strong

And Captain General of Scotland

His death, would not be long

Montrose, Montrose

Heading North, he led his force

The massive army, himself and his horse

So no, not ready for battle

Royal Standard hidden beneath his saddle

Montrose, Montrose

Midges flying all around, Gretna far behind

Through the forest, he did ride

From the trees a warrior came

Speaking Gaelic asked his name

In same Tongue he gave his name

The Army was doubled in size

Montrose, Montrose

A fiery cross he gave his man

Instructions to each and every Clan

The Royal Standard would rise

So the Campbell would fall

The meet was at Blair Atholl

Montrose, Montrose

From Ireland heads beneath his name

Fighting Irish, everyone bred

To make the Campbell's blood flow red

Lord Elcho marched 9000 men,

Eager to end the Royal cause

Montrose’s 3000 should now run and hide

Live to fight another day

But as Elcho’s advance at Tippermuir.

Montrose countered and endured

And organised his men

How many bullets do you have?

One each his men replied

Well they have plenty, Gentlemen,

So to the first for that you meet

With your gun his brains you will beat

And you will have plenty too

Montrose, Montrose

Arrogantly Elcho came

A famous victory already claimed

Against the rabble that he could see

While the Royalist Army, allowed them on

Montrose, Montrose

Gentlemen, your time has come

Declared Montrose, decision made

Show them your lead, Fire I say

Then charge, he said

His Army did approve

Montrose, Montrose

Three thousand muskets, silence broke

Charging Scots and Irish came

Hurtling down the Tippermuir

Winning battle glory fame

Elcho running to his hame

3000 left for dead

Montrose, Montrose

The sight of the government Army running

As fast as it could with fear inside its head

Fife was safe for now, and more Clansmen could be seem

It was time to crush more Campbell lackeys

Heading North to Aberdeen

Ukrainians, they are Russian

Putin started to crow

Lessons lost from Scotland, and the Alamo

Where all this will take the world?

Who know which way he will go….

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