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It’s tough, verse-choosing, PD site,

what or what not words to send,

as some give vent, our Parky tears,

while others, of the wordsmith forge,

but bellow forth more generally

with poetry as stand alone.

So what’s the stance I should adopt,

that style adapted for our sight,

as cut and paste the post on wall,

graffiti now, tomorrow gone,

forgetting soon that Bill was here,

with date on cue for waiting queue?

I thought a mix and match, but found

my PD line in short supply,

despite, if choose to send elsewhere -

then need explain the PD scare:

not Public Domain (no need, explain),

Power Distribution (chuckle here),

Panic Disorder (cease to laugh),

Pulse Duration (length, metric verse?),

though all seem, strangely, to apply.

Then website challenge, artist’s share;

ekphrastic poem, are you there?

I’ll not respond - five dollars cost.

With chance of publication nil -

one of six hundred sent as well.

But despite ‘No’ in bold black font,

it tempts, that testing image laid,

and I must scribe, stanza response,

to translate picture into verse.

And so I’ve written, answer filed -

it’s better than I linger, hold;

but to submit, those dollar bills -

plus credit card transaction fee?

I’ll pass on this - though what a waste,

as now the closing date is near.

Is it fear, that baring, sole,

should sit alone, soul burdensome?

So I, resistance failed, give up;

press button, lines are on their way.

Submission, knock out, all the same,

as recognise, beyond control.

A first for me, to pay for say;

at least, The Wall, my greenbacks stay.

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