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Street Seen

Now here’s a type of public art, pop culture’s keys to what we need, from balcony, an overview, a fresh perspective, our street scene. Far from Seine-side boulevard, academic salon debate; this the grounding where we live - no need for return carriage fee.

Pedestrian, the custom base, the lingua franca as she speaks, accents depending on our roots - at least a conversation piece. I wonder what the questions asked - me to him or him to me - an ars poetica for real, but will he make a meal of it?

Unless he uses archetype, a format pre-programmed to hand, a Remington, whatever brand, must hit the target first time round. But off the cuff, some shorthand note, the word once writ forever stands. Why not use notice, stanza form, to set the tone, advertisement?

And would one pay per line or rhyme? Will his style suit our fashion choice? A blank expression, steady feet? How will we be when meet the verse? I see no queue unless it’s cropped - where are those fields of waving corn? Unless I glean the harvest’s home, is this posed as a statement piece?

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