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Stand by your beds!

Stand by your beds! We haven't got any beds Sarge Spoke out Johnny Taylor While still playing with his cards Sarge was quite unhappy At what he heard and saw Get on parade, and make it snappy And he was not to be ignored So fifteen squaddies stood in line With only grey streets lying behind Waiting patiently for the time Their Sergeant would decide to speak his mind When we left camp, the paint we had Was nice and grey, suitable for wartime dread So which bright spark amongst you lads Did go and paint that f()£&£)))( THING RED? It was already painted, began a Wee Robbie Known amongst the lads as Gobby To paint it grey would be a hassle THEN I WILLHAVE YOU PAINTING ALL THE COALS IN NEWCASTLE!

Sorry Sarge cried Billy Chirac, We are out of grey… but we do have Lilac….

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