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What a clean cut smooth takeover move

that branded products burn into use,

as if spellcheckers throw wide their arms,

shrug, accept, their names are words.

The list is long, some lost their way,

while mother Hoovered, housewives’ choice.

me playing on Lino underlay

In company, their slogans spoke

as coined words were minted, pressed;

some struck home as recognised,

currency in franca use.

Drinkability understood,

uncola stood in contrast mood,

schweppervesence splashed to air,

but what outlasts the agency -

or just lasts spin-o-rama time?

Housebarrassed, clear against the proud,

alarms set ringing, verisure

yet hardly lingua common use;

what’s cannonading jello term,

refining compound alchemy -

meanz of beans baked in a can -

dysfunction family viewing sign?

That fee is paid to sloganade;

but does it show, current account?

Is there bubble, spritzer space?

I’ll give it five - will it fizz?

If so, then thank your lucky stars,

and quickly turn that dashcam on.

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