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She was a lot

on my beloved granny’s birthday she was a proud woman straight back, high chin neatly curled hair slightly powdered skin freshly ironed blouse and pants every Wednesday meeting her friends she was straight forward pragmatic, sympathetic polite and very kind loved the dogs and each grandchild when granny had to finally go we all missed her so but behind that lovely lady was a life not too easy you could not see her depression that lead her into a drinking passion never saw her tears or the children she had lost, silent and brave not the little girl at her mother’s grave not the anger and frustration hitting her oldest hard nearly broke him and her heart lost all her pride in financial aid every present, she gave us, was penny saved granddad, who we adored and who never lost a bitter word he protected her at her worst days later challenged her with Alzheimer's fate She had good times and hell yes, bad times too and only when you look at both you can get a clue whether she was the perfect granny or if she pretended like so many I still love her, no matter what cause if not only good nor bad - she was a lot!

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