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Shadows at the Door

Drifting along, with no care for the score

Three quick, loud thuds

Did blast at my door

Opened it up, and to my surprise

Three jet black arrows, greeted my eyes

At the end of my path

A man of mystery stood

Aiming an arrow, with a well trained right eye

Should I be calling the FBI

Or closing my front door

The man began shouting,

My name is Welch

So sod off to Cardiff

And learn how to say it

Hi, came a voice from my right

I”m Hank Marvin

My heart it does bleed

But I am not going to plead

Just bugger off to Greggs..

if your starving

Well can I have my arrows

They need to ba within my sack

Or Cochise will be giving me the sicj

And then I got a whiff

Good God, who the hell called Cliff?

Hi, have you seen

My mate, Tony Meehan

I'm ready to groove it

You guys all know Move It

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