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Self Analysis

By Val Bowden

Impressions are the messages that are received by others Who see situations they don’t understand. Impressions are the feelings thst are displayed by some when they feel they have to show their life’s in hand. How often have I met with folk who think thst I am strong? When in reality, I’ve put a front on - which is wrong.. Pretending to be confident, pretending I am fine Saying I can manage: when it’s a lie. Pretending I can cope, pretending I’m in charge Of all one’s thinking, doing, Mountain High! Reality’s the truth: people never stop to think That my life may be a burden, pushing me to the brink. A scream would be so out of place, it would be so unique From me who knows exactly what to do. From me, the giver of advice, urging others to branch out To show a strength that will their lives renew. But if they knew the sorrow and the helplessness I feel They would not beg my listening ear, but see the truth that’s real. I will not change: I am two persons living in a world Of pressures and of urgencies galore. We choose the world we live in by the way we show our face: Choosing I one day, or me the next, depending on life’s race. If I could just for one short time reshape life’s plan for me, Would I shape it in a pattern to safeguard my destiny?

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