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Seeking You

I can’t see you

But you can see me

Is this the way

it’s supposed to be?

You are allowed to see everything

My insides—my out—

my very being

Every feeling of doubt

But what am I permitted to see of you?

Only the exterior I have at hand

Is this your true self?

This sketch—this brand?

Is there something more?

Something infinitely deeper?

That you will not allow

To be seen by this seeker?

Perhaps I might think

With your permission to glance

Even more of you

There’s always a chance

But without this permission

This giving of clue

My impressions, my insights

Are somewhat askew

Open up — let me in

There’s nothing to fear

I only want closeness

I only want near

Access to your presence

Nearness to your soul

Knowledge of the things

That make you whole

Don’t need to change you

Just want some access

Help me understand

What makes you your best

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