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Season's Meeting


My friend and I are elderly -

But Lisa is more frail than me.

She needs the aid of a walking-stick,

While I tread unaided, if awkwardly.

We are having a budget pre-Christmas spree

In Kaunas, Lithuania

It's bright and festive and not too cold,

With stylish, sparkling Christmas trees.

We are coping well and enjoying our trip.

We visit a cafe for rest and a sip -

Remarking how well we have kept the old zest.


It is now growing dark, and shoppers are leaving

We must hurry back to our hotel.

It isn't too far, yet I feel uneasy -

A stupid foreboding? One never can tell...

This youth clad in a posh school suit

Leaves his fellows and walks by our side.

He pesters cigarettes from poor old Liza.

What can one do? - I must quickly decide.

I hail older shoppers - but they shake their heads.

There's a pretty young woman with two small kids -

She might know English.

She does.! I explain...


Angrily, she berates the young man -

Who reddens and splutters, then turns deathly white.

Our saviour offers to inform the police.

We decline this, saying that we are alright.

Liz then hugs her and thanks her profusely.

After, the two of us sigh with relief,

Having encountered the avenging angel

And a superior but ultimately worthless thief.

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
06 ene 2023

Great story telling, glad it all worked out ok.

Me gusta
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