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sakura pretty - finally

my sakura cherry tree

my eyes caught on your long awaited blossom:

hundreds of little perfect petals,

placed like ripe fruits, hanging under

heavy loaded branches of a tall tree.

Shiny drops of morning dew

on the surface of the silky pink.

Flower cups of petal dust

mixed with last night‘s drizzle rain.

Your honey sweet flower tea

warms my cold morning feet

after long winter woollen hiding

you are the sunny summer‘s first call.

despite your overwhelming elegance

I can’t preserve your outstanding beauty from natural evanescence.

So it has to be an elusive awe,

in each moment, that you last,

and guard me to my house with perfection,

on a softly floral carpet outstanding beauty and my door.

my Sakura cherry tree

my Sakura pretty tree

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