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Sad Scene

This is the seat they used to use when all the bottles were full of booze

They’re empty now and gathering dust and all the barrels have some rust

The chairs been used, but cannot share exactly who’s been sitting there

Was it Bill or Fred or Jack, there’s no chance they’re coming back

It’s maybe Jill or Ann or Mabel no longer sitting at the table

Glasses smeared with dust and ash the window’s casement not a sash

And through it can I see a view that looks quite old with nothing new

If we stop caring for this place this is what, we’ll have to face

Things all broken, it’s a crime to just ignore the dust and grime.

Pay attention it isn’t fair to leave this scene and just not care

With global warming imminent it’s time to show some good intent

There’s war and threats everywhere it’s time to show we know what’s fair

If we ignore and just dismiss then all the world will look like this

So let us change our behaviour and all become a real saviour

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Nicely done. There is a shortage of caring, it's true.


Your words ring so true, we all bury our heads in the sand , sometimes we need a reality check.

We need an inspirational leader, love , peace and harmony should be more of a focus not financial wealth but i'm afraid money makes the world go round

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