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Rude Jesus

Blunt, rude and offensive,

so not the simply winsome man

I had presumed as a teen.

On course, I do not know

how much he said

or earliest church gospellers

thought he said, or told he said,

or wanted him to have said.

or thought the spirit tell he said.

But curt frequency suggests

there is verisimilitude;

whited sepulchres, too good a phrase

describing worst religion's haze,

the smog hypocrisy that dims the light

and barriers peace, hope and love.

Mat man, I read, was told to walk

but likely to his rest resumed,

unflattered that this one dare speak

to him that way, who was so old.

The foreign woman, requesting whole,

is told to wait, wag puppy tail;

although she gives as good as get

and so unlocks said miracle.

Blind man is sent through the crowds

dripping mud and spit from brows;

leader's daughter mourned for cash

all sent packing, given push.

Even parents dealt poor hand

when outside, waiting in the sand.

Disciples get the harsher tongue,

always told they'd had more time,

so really should have more than clue

who he is and what to do;

in Galilean carnival

thus this man is critical.

Who is this Jesus, rood man?

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John Dallison
John Dallison

A mover and shaker in every way... Brilliant exposition!

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