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I willl always wonder how I got here

When I was the one who followed you

I jumped when you deigned to look at me

I ran after you when you turned away.

You walked around with an ego so high

I gazed in awe that you had such sway.

I crossed the water to get out of your glare

I grew in stature, allure and became

A woman of substance with no ties

But experience taught me to hold a little back

Leave the room with longing eyes gazing

Maybe tilt your head slightly to see the strength crack.

Thirty years later you honestly thought

I'd be falling at your knees when you appeared suddenly.

My God you had changed , it was like role reversal

I had too, though battered and bruised

I knew who I was, who I am and who matters

Your plan to seduce me left me bemused.

These days I take things a little bit slower

You life seems to have all but stopped

You're still waiting to collect on a promise

Made when we both had hopes and fears unknown

The difference being I reached for the stars with the love of my only

Looking down, left too late you're now on your own.

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