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Revolution in my mind

friday for future

peace for ukraine

justice in iran

end parkinson’s

nazis should go

peace for the world

noone is left behind

prevent child abuse

stop domestic violence

feed the world

water is life

no human is illegal

the list of slogans I want to shout out loud is long

my frustration big, my tension strong

I want to protest and march with noise

I want to be brave and make use of my voice

where can I start?

what must I do?

when to begin?

how to get in?

I am overwhelmed by the amount of crisis

our world, our idea of life faces

as so many I would love to help solving

the problems our planet has been evolving

in fact I am sure thus

the problem is us

our unnatural developed world of science

our war, aggression and riots

the way we hate ourselves and each other

and steal our life’s ground from our mother

the earth is incapable of forgiving

the hurt we cause here, while living

so I promise myself every day to do more

to begin at my own door

and then again every next morning

I simply don’t know how to begin!

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Dawson Stafford
Dawson Stafford

Hi Kath a fantasic protest piece. commençons la révolution


Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins

Excellent, very much of the moment and describes our frustrations so eloquently.


Debbie Dalton
Debbie Dalton

i think most of us feel the same, very well written

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