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Religion ?

Put here for a reason, by some super beings’ hand,

or just a sick experiment that no one understands.

Four thousand known religions, half a billion non-believers

who is right, who is wrong, or are they all deceivers?

A Gucci suit and private jet to spread the holy word,

I’m going to preach the gospel, so I don’t have to work.

Good living for good living for your own financial gain

heathens, homos, heretics, they’re the ones to blame.

Religion on your doorstep and on the television,

stories written long ago are they fact or merely fiction?

Spreading fear and hatred and increasing our suspicion,

Priests committed to abstention, a life of chastity,

excuses and church cover-ups in another diocese.

Parishioners live in poverty while Priests sip on Champagne,

the homeless, sick, and dying, hope the next world is more humane.

Take a passage from a holy book and start your own religion,

call yourself a prophet and recruit by disposition.

Build yourself a commune, somewhere you can hide,

machine guns and monogamy, commit mass suicide.

Fanatics, fundamentals, let’s take it to extremes,

drive a truck into a crowd and claim it’s in his name.

Killing after killing, let’s all make holy war,

then post it on the internet and radicalise some more.

Who is right, who is wrong, the source of the division,

is it haven, or is it hell you make your own decision?

The four men of apocalypse ride on their trusty steeds

Judgement days upon us, but it’s too late to believe.

The Devil rubs his hands with glee, the chosen ones ascend.

we’ve all played roulette with our souls and it’s time to cash it in

Put here for a reason, or inadvertently,

but in the end discover, where we’ll spend eternity…………

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Jul 30, 2023

I enjoyed listening to this at the Open Mic Dawson, poetry should make us think and question.

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